NDT Inspection

Tools: Drilling, Completion, Workover, Wellservice y Casing & Tubing. We make  non destructive testing NDT (Visual, Penetrating Inks, Wet and Dry Magnetic Particles, Electromagnetic(EMI), Angular Wave Ultrasonic (UETA).

All our employees are highly qualified and certified according to ASNT TC-1A, Level II, in the methods described above, with extensive knowledge of international norms and standards (API, TH Hill).

Wellhead Inspection

Real-time inspection, which is carried out during the surface trips of the production pipeline; To detect fissures by wall thickness.

We do this by electromagnetic rings, which emit an amplified signal and sent to the computer that qualifies the intensity of this signal in a graph, and the visual inspection of the connections  is also carried out in the same way.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance program in Drilling, Completion and Workover is focused on securing procedures, evaluation, managing and mitigating risks, develop opportunities for improvement and monitoring operations.

This technical support is based on a strict control of activities focused on reducing the NPT to which operations are exposed, preventing costs for poor quality services, bad operations practices, handling tools and helping to avoid accidents, human losses and economic in Oil & Gas industry projects.

Workshop Service

Machine Shop service on API rotary connections and premium threads